Project idea:

Munich NeuroCamp Summer School is a public outreach project for senior Gymnasium students from various schools in the Munich area. For two weeks, students will be exploring the various fields of Neuroscience research conducted mainly at the Munich Center for Neurosciences – Brain & Mind (MCN). Participants will have the opportunity to conduct own experiments, develop their soft skills and present their own work.

During the first week, students will attend introductory lectures on various topics in neuroscience, from popular fields such as neurobiology, cognition, behaviour and artificial intelligence, to the lesser known, but equally important subjects such as computational neuroscience and neurophilosophy. These lectures will be complemented with practical examples of possible applications. Furthermore, short soft skill courses will be provided, covering a range of skills from reading scientific literature to preparing engaging presentations. At the end of the first week, students will have a broad overview of different disciplines within the field of neuroscience research and will eventually select a mini-research project according to their personal preference and curiosity.

In the second week, students work in small groups on the mini-research project of their choice in one of our partnering laboratories. During this week, they will gain hands-on experience on how research is conducted including literature research, data acquisition and interpretation. On the last day, students will give a short oral presentation and present a poster about their project to their NeuroCamp colleagues. Upon completion of the course, research certificates and awards will be provided to all students.

Please note that the concept of this project is still open to alterations depending on third parties input and laboratories support.

Research projects availability will depend on the number of laboratories that will support this project. We encourage current PhD students to be responsible for the project and for the students; this activity will count as teaching experience for which the PhD students will receive a GSN teaching certificate that can be used in their CV or for credits in graduate programs.

Useful information:

  • The official language of the camp is English. All lectures and practical training will be conducted in English.​


  • The camp is designed for final and penultimate year Gymnasium students of schools in the Munich area.


  • 15 - 20 students will be able to participate in the camp.


  • Fees and funding: We aim for the camp to be free, to assure that the financial situation of the students is not an obstacle in obtaining education and knowledge. However, if funding opportunities do not allow us to make the camp free for everyone, we will establish an affordable fee (max. 350€)  to cover our basic costs. Also, especially gifted applicants and those in financial hardship will be provided with a scholarship.​ In 2018 we succeeded in raising enough funding to provide a scholarship for all participants.