What is NeuroCamp?

NeuroCamp is a summer school for high school students in Munich. It is organized by current LMU students, as well as young researchers. We want to introduce students to the fascinating and exciting field of Neuroscience.

Who can participate?

The summer camp is made for Senior (final and penultimate year) Gymnasium students.

Where does NeuroCamp take place?

Neurocamp 2022 will take place virtually. On-site NeuroCamp takes place in Munich. Lectures are held at the Martinsried Campus of the LMU (Biocenter, Großhaderner Str. 2, 82152 Planegg). Mini research projects take place in different locations, depending on the laboratory in which you will be working.

Do I have to live in Munich?

No. However, we do not provide accommodation. So if you wish to participate and are selected and are coming from outside of Munich, you will have to arrange for your own stay.

Do you provide accommodation?

No. If you are coming from outside of Munich, you will have to arrange for your own stay.

How much does it cost?

The cost of the school is 350 euros, and which amounts to a fee covering the basic running costs. These include all the food and snacks as stated in the timetable, all supplies for the labs, social activities and costs such as printing.
However, we strongly believe that the financial situation of students should not be an obstacle to obtaining education and knowledge.
Therefore, especially gifted applicants and those in financial hardship, will be provided with a scholarship covering school fees. If you would like to be considered for a scholarship, just state so in your application.

What are the arrangements for food?

We will provide you with lunch and coffee breaks. You will have to have breakfast and dinner at home.

Who are the teachers?

A mixture of professors as well as younger researchers will be your teachers. As a rule, more senior scientists will give the lectures, and PhD students and post-doctoral researchers will work closely with you during the research projects. Additionally, MSc and PhD students will be around during the whole week, and you can chat with them about anything you want.

What level of English do I need?

The whole course will be conducted in English, so you must be able to speak and understand written and spoken language. You don’t have to be fluent, but a minimum B1 level will be necessary. As a rule of thumb, if you are able to read and understand everything on this website - you will be fine. Some teachers and assistants will speak German, so they may be able to support you during the week. Additionally, prior to the beginning of the course you will receive a glossary with the main new English words and terms necessary for the camp. If you are unsure about your level of English - just drop us a message and we will assist you!

I’ve never done Neuroscience before. Can I still apply?

YES PLEASE! The main objective of the school is to introduce students to the fascinating field of Neuroscience. Thus, we do not expect you to have any prior knowledge of this discipline. If you have done Neuroscience before, then this will be a great opportunity for you to learn about the field in more depth. In general, the school is open for everyone who has a genuine interest in the subject.

Do you give certificates?

Yes. At the end of the school you will receive a certificate of participation. Unfortunately however, we are unable to give school credits.

How do I apply?

Visit the page "Application" and fill the application form.

I am not from Germany/the EU/Europe, can I still apply?

Yes! We encourage applications from all over the world and are happy to provide invitation letters for visa purposes.


Please note that NeuroCamp 2022 will take place online (see NeuroCamp 2022). Therefore some answers given here do not apply this year!

You have any other questions?

Contact us!

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