about us

Here we want to shortly introduce ourselves so you know who is behind this project and will take care of you during the summer school. You can always use the contact form if you have any question!

Meet The Team


Natalia Filvarova

  • Facebook - Schwarzer Kreis

Natalia Filvarova is a PhD researcher at the Fraunhofer Institut IVV. She works on multisensory integration using brain imaging techniques, such as fMRI. Natalia can't sit still: she is the founder of NeuroCamp, Munich Healthy Academia (fighting for mental health in research), the Conversation Cafe (to promote communication and connection), a public speaker and generally a social activist. Natalia loves travels, sunsets, and dreams to one day have a dog.

Online & Publicity Team

Baccara Hizli

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24 years old, M.Sc. Biochemistry with focus     

 on Neuroscience and computer science.

Currently works in the field of human Psychophysics, loves to do creative stuff in her free time and is responsible for the online presence of the NeuroCamp

Julien Klimmt

  • Facebook - Schwarzer Kreis

26 years old, M.Sc. Molecular Biosciences - Major Neurosciences,

Currently PhD student working on human stem cell-derived models of Alzheimer's disease. Is in general interested in molecular mechanissm underlying neurodegenerative disorders. Likes photography, enjoying the mountains and travelling around the world 

Content Team

Chaitali Mukherjee

  • LinkedIn - Schwarzer Kreis

29 Years old, Post-Doc working on Myelin Biogenesis and repair at the TU-Munich. Is a self-proclaimed movie buff who loves to travel and explore various cultures. Is responsible for the course content and getting various scientific institutes involved in mini scientific collaborations 

Judita Huber

  • Twitter - Schwarzer Kreis
  • LinkedIn - Schwarzer Kreis

26 years old, PhD student studying human brain connectivity. Sings in a choir and loves going to the theatre and concerts. Responsible for content and interaction with speakers

Fundraising & Logistics Team

Alex Mezydlo

I come from Poland and I have moved to Munich 3 years ago. I am doing my PhD in Prof. Martin Kerschensteiner Lab. I am  interested in neuroimaging, especially using 2-photon microscope, which allows me to see the mouse brain in vivo.

I am responsible for general logistics, if you don’t know who to contact you can contact me

Annet Glas

  • LinkedIn - Schwarzer Kreis

26 years old, PhD student studying how we can enhance learning and memory. To enhance your experience here at the summer school, I recruit sponsors. In any spare time, I love biking, it comes with being Dutch

Liliana Pedro

  • Twitter - Schwarzer Kreis
  • LinkedIn - Schwarzer Kreis

28 years old, PhD student trying to understand how brain cells develope and function. Is an experimental optimist, that aims to spark the curiosity and science enthusiasm of everyone willing enough to listen. Involved in various science communication and outreach projects she is responsible for recruiting the sponsors

Marta Wesolowski

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  • LinkedIn - Schwarzer Kreis

30 year old biochemist, mountain lover, folk dancer and soon PhD. Currently investigating axonal degeneration in an animal model of multiple sclerosis using 2 photon microscopy. Co-responsible for the general logistics and eager to spread the passion for science

Alexandra Klein

Senior PhD student at the MPI of Neurobiology, working on understanding the role of the insular cortex in emotional behavior. Enthusiastic science communicator. Passionate dancer, loves fitness, running, biking and hiking in the mountain. Co-responsible for fundraising.

We also want to thank Alex Gornizki for his consulting and guidance and David Wurzer and Judith Gonzalez-Gallego for organizing the social events